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luni, iulie 12, 2010

Touring contemporary Norwegian "Constructions” to Sibiu

    ”Constructions”, a contemporary Norwegian arts and crafts exhibition, will be displayed at Casa Artelor, in Sibiu, starting July 16th. Organized by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest together with the National Museum Complex ASTRA, the exhibition will be open between July 16th - August 29th 2010, Tuesday through Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00 hrs.
Based on the concept of “constructions”, a term widely used in many fields, from architecture, engineering and geometry to music and language, the exhibition tries to show the connection between the making of the artwork and the idea generating it. At the same time, there is an insoluble fusion among form, technique, material and the meaning the artwork bears.
     The exhibition, signed by 16 Norwegian artists, offers the viewer a contemporary interpretation of arts and crafts. The 22 artworks feature a variety of forms and conceptual expressions, some with strong traditional roots, others more experimental. They approach constructions in different ways, mainly in relation to wood and textiles, but all of them have as basis the tradition of arts and crafts.
      "Construction" is a touring exhibition. It has traveled many places around the world; from Spain to Chile, Russia, Korea, Ireland and Iceland.
The official opening will take place on Friday, July 16th, 14:00 hrs at Casa Artelor, 21 Piata Mica, Sibiu.
For further details, please contact:
Ana Ivanov, Royal Norwegian Embassy,  Ana-Maria.Ivanov@mfa.no, +40 756 033 538
Ovidiu Baron, Muzeul ASTRA, pr@muzeulastra.com, +40 756 085 773


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